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Aluminum Carbon Nanotube Composites

The mission of the Advanced Materials Processing Laboratory (AMPL) at SDSU, is to develop new materials processing approaches that yield materials with unique microstructures and properties which in turn expands the application window of material systems. A large amount of our activities involves (but not limited to) powder-based materials. Largely funded by the National Science Foundation, the lab is equipped with state of the art equipment & facilties from processing, to characterization and testing as presented in the facilities section of this website. In addition, since our activities involve the development of new materials processing approaches, the lab has one-of-a kind type processing facilities such as Spark Plasma Extrusion, Current Activated Tip-based Sintering and Spark Reactive Melt Forming rigs.

AMPL, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, 5500 Campanile Drive, San Diego
CA 92182-1323

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